Our platforms advance the development of a thriving, sustainable hemp industry all over the world.

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HempTrade is an international wholesale trading platform matching hemp farmers, processors and producers with buyers in the rapidly growing wholesale products market. Through our extensive network of contacts and our unique media and technology assets, we help producers increase sales through a direct, seamless marketing and sales system — offering lowest possible purchase prices to wholesale buyers.

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Qualified Buyers & Sellers: HempTrade helps buyers locate supplies of raw bulk materials and the highest quality hemp finished goods at the lowest prices. We develop close relations with our producers to build the kind of trust you can depend on, for quality, delivery time and communications. And we constantly search the globe for creative, sustainable hemp products, to keep the market evolving.

Europe & Hemp: Europe has the opportunity to carve out a larger and larger share of the expanding worldwide market for hemp. A growing number of national and EU organizations promote hemp for industrial use, expanding science and research and binding industry players together. Of course, they recognise hemp’s vast potential across a number of vertical markets.

With regard to building materials, they know the ecological and other natural advantages of hemp-based products; and they recognise hemp’s potential to help meet the European Union’s EC2020 carbon reduction goals. Area-wide hemp farming combined with local processing and production factories also holds great promise to contribute to Europe’s rural economies, and such schemes are supported by EU programs.